Christmas Traditions: I'll Be Home for Christmas

Christmas Time brings many sweet joyous memories… Like when Mom & Dad would take my sister and I (Wendy) to West Edmonton Mall right before Christmas. These were exciting trips because we would spend a night at the Fantasyland Hotel, have time to finish our shopping for Christmas, and best of all we would spend a day at the Waterpark - which was always a blast! Can you guess who was brave enough to go down the scary slides? Well, it sure wasn’t me because I was always a play-it-safe kind of girl. My sister and dad were the brave ones; in fact, they made a point to go down all of them and succeeded at those ambitious goals.

I could share with you more childhood memories, but Brenda (my sister) already has shared a few of those sweet and cherished memories that bring a smile to my face. So, I will share with you the start of new traditions since I moved out to start my own family in 2007.

Two days before Christmas Eve I had the pleasure of putting on my wedding dress and having Dad walk me down the aisle and give me his blessing to marry the love of my life. He gained a son that day! After the wedding, we stayed in the city and got to enjoy the Reimer Christmas Eve gathering and a traditional meal before we left on our honeymoon to spend Christmas Day in Edmonton AB. Fast forward three years and on December 21, 2010, we welcomed our second son into our family... He was just 4 days old on his very first Christmas Day!

I could never have enough turkey at Christmas time and maybe that is because my husband’s family has a very non-traditional Christmas meal which seems to have been picked up by our own family of 5. As much as I would love the turkey and mashed potatoes, I realize that there is a limit to my picky eaters. One meal they all enjoy, and I hear no complaints about is homemade noodles (keilke), cream gravy, and sausage, so that has become our traditional meal in our house. My daughter has picked up a love for being in the kitchen so together we enjoy making our own noodles - I think she secretly just loves being able to touch the dough and spread the noodles which often looks more like playing. To finish off our meal we must have pumpkin pie, topped with whipped cream, for dessert. This leaves us all with smiles on faces and full tummies!

We enjoy spending time as a family and celebrating with traditions that we hope our children will pass on to their children someday. On Christmas Eve (meaning the night before we celebrate with them at home, and before all the gatherings) we plug in the tree, turn off the house lights, and let the kids open a Christmas box where they normally find some new pjs, a new movie, and some snacks. It is then that we gather our blankets, get comfy and settle in to watch a movie (sometimes it's Christmas themed other times it's not).