Indoor Winter Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Got cabin fever? You're not alone. Being stuck indoors all winter long is such a buzzkill. Instead of going stir crazy, channel your inner creativity and try out these indoor winter activities to do with your kids.

1. Make a snowman suncatcher.

There are plenty of tutorials online, but you can try this one: Print out a suncatcher snowman craft template onto heavy cardstock. Cut out the snowman template. Then, cut out a piece of clear contact paper. Stick the front side of the snowman onto the contact paper. Remove the excess contact paper.

Cut out the eyes, nose and button templates. Trace them onto colored construction paper and cut out and place them on the snowman. Cut small squares out of white tissue paper. Place them on the inside of the snowman, making sure to completely cover the contact paper. Hang it in a window that catches the morning sun.

2. Cozy up with homemade hot cocoa.

Embrace the cold winter nights and warm up with some hot chocolate, your favorite pjs and a cozy blanket. If you’ve got older kids, let them take the reins in the kitchen. You could even try to make a coffee-flavored dessert to accompany the hot cocoa.

3. Host a living room campout.

Grab chairs from the kitchen, sheets from the linen closet and comfy blankets, pillows, throws and stuffed friends from the bedroom to build your fort. Next, bundle fairy lights inside Mason jars so when you turn off the lights it looks magical. Finally, serve up some snacks with camping vibes like Orville Redenbacher buttery microwaveable popcorn with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, hot dogs and gummy worms.

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