Thinking About a Vacation Property?

Let’s weigh the pros and cons… choosing to own a vacation property or second property can offer you many exceptional advantages, but are your ready for the commitment?


  • Great Investment Real estate has historically risen in value, especially in areas with limited availability.

  • Rental Income If you choose to rent, you can benefit from additional income.

  • Retirement Test Drive Experience the benefits of retirement ahead of time & see if the reality lives up to the dream.

  • Convenience Your vacation property allows you to take holidays at the drop of a hat, without the hassle of that extra baggage.


  • Upfront Fees A vacation home will very likely cost more than renting. You also have to furnish and decorate.

  • Mortgage Costs Down-payments are often greater (30-35%) as are the interest rates.

  • Upkeep Expenses Just as you do at home, you’ll have to maintain your vacation property.

  • Justification Since you have made the investment you will feel obliged to visit it. Make sure you’ll love it as much as you do right now.

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Source: Mortgage Architects